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August 17/18 Retreat Miami

August 17/18 Retreat Miami

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Join us for an unforgettable journey to reconnect with your true feminine essence and undergo a profound transformation. This retreat offers a deep healing experience, bringing women together in sisterhood to heal our female lineage, align with our purpose and power, and undergo collective transformation.

Our wombs serve as a sacred connection to Mother Earth, embodying her essence. It's crucial to learn how to care for and connect with our wombs as our allies. Many womb-related dis-eases stem from past traumas and stagnant emotions, and it's essential to navigate and heal these wounds. We'll dedicate a full Saturday to healing and blessing our wombs, fostering a deep bond with this vital aspect of ourselves.

Later, we'll journey further with the guidance of Mother Plantmedicine, engaging in a night of releasing and healing, honoring the sacredness of being a woman on this earth.

The following morning, Sunday, we'll embark on a deep plant cleanse, followed by a heart-opening cacao ceremony to nurture our souls. Join us on this transformative path of healing, growth, and sisterhood.


Teffa Honan: Spiritual Healer, Curandera, and Holistic Wellness Advocate

Teffa Honan is a revered Curandera and spiritual healer, rooted deeply in the traditional healing practices of Colombia and the Amazon. Mentored by Taita Pedro Davila, she has cultivated a profound expertise in integrating the ancient arts of curanderismo with modern holistic therapies. As a certified Reiki Master and skilled Sound Healer, Teffa enhances her healing ceremonies with nuanced layers of energy work, creating transformative experiences for those seeking physical, emotional, and spiritual restoration. Dedicated to the ethical and sustainable use of plant medicines, Teffa advocates for a respectful engagement with these ancient remedies, ensuring they are used wisely and effectively to benefit all aspects of human health. Her professional practice is characterized by a compassionate approach to healing, emphasizing the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit. Through her workshops, retreats, and public speaking engagements, Teffa shares her knowledge and passion for holistic wellness, educating others about the benefits of integrating traditional wisdom into contemporary life. Her work not only heals but also inspires individuals to rediscover their innate potential for wellness and spiritual growth.


Dr. Nathalie Henrich:

Meet Dr. Nathalie Henrich, a transformational coach and mentor dedicated to guiding individuals on their profound journey of self-discovery, inner alignment, and living their life's purpose. With a diverse background over a decade, including expertise as a doctor in oriental medicine, theta healing, womb healing, breathwork facilitator, sound healing, reiki mastery, postpartum doula support, plant medicine and many other healing modalities, Nathalie has empowered numerous individuals to reconnect with their ancient wisdom and embrace their divine essence.

As a Priestess initiate, Nathalie specializes in reigniting self-intimacy, boosting self-confidence, and aligning the mind, body, and spirit. Her passion is to empower women to embrace their feminine essence and "create their own queendom", and she has helped hundreds of clients launch and grow their spiritual start-up businesses. 

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