Nathalie trained during her early years of

childhood in piano, flute, clarinet, and saxophone,

she took great pleasure performing classic pieces

and contemporary jazz. Her education was

complemented with ballet, salsa, samba and belly

dance, sealing her multicultural heritage from her Korean mother and German father.



Sound healing is one of the most direct paths to restore our natural rhythm and frequency, thus healing our subconscious thoughts and emotions. It is a profound and effective energy healing mechanism which stimulates one’s intention for inner change, growth, expansion, balance and healing. Healing is done by transmitting beneficial sound to the affected area. The healing sound may be produced by a voice or an instrument such as flutes, bells, chanting bowls, monochords or tuning forks.



Nathalie has developed a unique curriculum that combines Yoga and Sound Meditation for children. Repetitive Yoga practice, chanting, and listening to vibration from instruments or voice helps to balance body and mind.