Dr. Nathalie Henrich is an international tantric practitioner, whose work in healing has helped hundreds of women and men work through different forms of traumas and blockages. Her sessions encompass a variety of modalities that help induce spiritual healing, womb healing, and energetic liberation. As a Priestess initiate, she works privately with both individuals and couples to reignite intimacy, re-invigorate confidence, and re-store the alignment of body and spirit. With a decade worth of tantric experience, Dr. Nathalie Henrich is known for the powerful transformations she has helped serve for women and men of all backgrounds who have desired energetic liberation and alignment.

    With over a decade of experience as a doctor in oriental medicine, Theta healer, womb healer, sound healer, reiki master, postpartum doula, and other modalities of healing arts Nathalie has been supporting men and women to remember their ancient wisdom and step fully into their Divine embodiment. 

    Nathalie also specializes as a feminine empowerment coach. Her teachings appeal to those who are looking for inspiring messages on empowerment of women. Her messages reflect her conviction as a woman determined to inspire women to rise in their feminine essence and create their own queendom. 

    After facing a decade of emotional and physical abuse, she was able to heal mentally and physically through spiritual modalities, holistic teachings, and indigenous practices. Through these practices she decided to redirect her life and learned to trust her spiritual guides. Her guides lead her to a path where she incorporates all her gained knowledge to help restore health of body, mind, and spirit for herself and others.

    A proud mother of two “suns” and one daughter, she is passionate about unity, connection, and music. Nathalie is continuously creating music while hosting concerts to share healing vibrations.