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1-on-1 Mentorship

1-on-1 Mentorship

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This isn’t about earning or accomplishing or achieving; it’s about accessing what has already been inside of you and what is fully available to you right now if you simply learn to unlock it.

Meet once a week over Zoom
Free access to the Magestica Tribe
Cost: $555 per month (pay each month) OR $1,333 pre-pay (paid in full)

What is the Empress Codes Online Course?

This course is designed with very specific intent: to inspire you on your path and transform you into the magical empowered woman that you innately are.

True happiness comes from abundance and fulfillment, which is a state of being. By accessing your Empress Codes, you’ll have the knowledge and ability to create any desired form of abundance in your life.

This is your opportunity.

In just 3 months (12 weeks), you have the chance to activate your innate empress codes and allow their expressions to create and manifest your soul’s true quantum reality.

Your purpose is to find your soul’s true path.