Sound is the spiritual energy that drives our consciousness and provides the strength to hold our genetic structure in balance. Several varieties of healing through sound including music, toning, chanting, instruments, and prayer are used as a mean to reconnect our body in an act of regeneration.

Physical healing - Sound often can be used to minimize pain in the body. Pain receptors can only handle so much information, so when you fill them up with sound, they may no longer transmit pain impulses. Sound also creates a more harmonious flow in many of the systems in the body – including the skeletal, nervous, muscular, digestive, circulatory, respiratory, and endocrine. Besides influencing specific cells or organs, sound can create an overall sense of wellbeing, enhancing the body’s natural healing abilities by boosting the immune system.

Mental and emotional – Sound helps to release negative emotions that have not been addressed properly. It also helps to eliminate limiting beliefs, and mental patterns that are holding us back from living our true potential. It may help reduce stress, improve sleep patterns, focus, creativity and awareness.

Spiritual - Sound can also be used to create a direct connection to our soul. Music and sound help us to resonate more with higher emotions such as gratitude, compassion, love and joy. Sound will deepen our meditative states, relieving our mind from all worries, anxieties, sorrows, and fears. At the same time, it will facilitate out of body experiences, freeing the soul from captivity in the physical body. In time, the soul of the listener becomes all-pervading allowing spiritual guidance to manifest.