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V-Party - California

V-Party - California

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Yes, it is exactly what you think it is - your private vagina party.

Your Yoni deserves some pampering, a detox, and some rejuvenation!

This event is designed to host your own V-Party at home with your besties, to have fun while educating ourselves about how to take care of your yonies, learn how to connect with our wombs, dive deeper into intimacy such as female tantra, sensual movement and to tune into our path as a woman on this earth.

The womb teachings are very much in alignment to the traditional shamanic path. It is important for us women to learn about moon cycles, how they are related to our menstrual bleeding, how to work with the element of water, and how it is related to our womb, mother Gaia, the one that creates and gives birth to life.

We, women, are the ones that give birth to this world. We need to reconnect and remember our true potential and power and bring it to our partners and children to create a better world!

Date: Sun, May 7, 2023
Time: 11:00 AM – 3:00 PM PDT

What to expect:
  • Yoni steaming

  • Womb teachings

  • Female sexuality

  • "V" talks

  • Sisterhood, laughter, and Joy

  • Integration with Cacao

  • Light bites & unlimited goddess drinks!

What is Cacao? Cacao is a heart-opening medicine in a cup. It has been used medicinally by the Aztecs and Mayans for thousands of years. This revered plant is a superfood and packed with nutrients and antioxidants focusing on the health of the heart. When used ceremonially and with intention, Cacao not only nourishes the body but it inspires creativity and awakens us to a powerful connection with our hearts. Cacao is a beautiful plant medicine that is a direct line to our minds, bodies, and soul.


Dr. Nathalie Henrich is an international tantric practitioner, whose work in healing has helped hundreds of women and men work through different forms of traumas and blockages. Her sessions encompass a variety of modalities that help induce spiritual healing, womb healing, and energetic liberation. As a Priestess initiate, she works privately with both individuals and couples to reignite intimacy, re-invigorate confidence, and re-store the alignment of body and spirit. With a decade worth of tantric experience, Dr. Nathalie Henrich is known for the powerful transformations she has helped serve for women and men of all backgrounds who have desired energetic liberation and alignment.

With over a decade of experience as a doctor in oriental medicine, tantra teacher, theta healer, womb healer, sound healer, reiki master, postpartum doula, and other modalities of healing arts Nathalie has been supporting men and women to remember their ancient wisdom and step fully into their Divine embodiment.

Nathalie also specializes as a feminine empowerment coach. Her teachings appeal to those who are looking for inspiring messages on empowerment of women. Her messages reflect her conviction as a woman determined to inspire women to rise in their feminine essence and create their own queendom.


Investment: $150
( I AM QUEEN Silk gowns, Yoni steam herbs & bowls)

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